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Introduction on Plastic Waste (Management) Rules 2018

  • The Rules notified in 2016 states that the plastics put to market (Post Consumer Packaging Plastic) by a Brand Owner or Producer through packaging of your product, the brand owner shall collect the same quality and quantity of plastic and get the same recycled against your EPR target.  
  • The recycler shall have a channel for collection of Plastic Waste in all states with the urban local body and shall recycle the collected material.
  • During the process of collection and recycling the recycler to maintain the documentation proof of collection and recycling. 
  • For the above, the Brand Owner has to compulsorily apply for EPR Authorization.   
  • Penalties shall be imposed If the Brand Owner is not registered with CPCB or States for Plastic Waste EPR Authorization. 

Please find attached copy of CPCB Notification Notices and Penalties issued for your perusal. We provide end to end services for EPR Authorization  Registration, Liaison with CPCB, and achievement of EPR targets through our collection centres  across thecountry. 


  • End to End services for Plastic Waste EPR compliance
  • Registration on CPCB Portal
  • Achievement of EPR Targets
  • Liaison with CPCB
  • Filing of Annual Returns

Issue of Plastic Waste

  • As plastic does not break down naturally, it is polluting natural systems, including rivers and oceans. The production, use and disposal of plastics also creates significant greenhouse gas emissions throughout the different stages of the plastic value chain.
  • It has been observed that disposal of plastic waste is a serious concern due to improper collection and segregation system. Only 60% of the plastic produced is recycled, balance 9400 Tonnes of plastic is left unattended in environment causing land, air and water pollution.


Plastic Pollution Solutions: 7 Things You Can Do Today

  • Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics.
  • Support Legislation to Curb Plastic Production and Waste.
  • Recycle Properly.
  • Participate In (or Organize) a Beach or River Clean-up.
  • Avoid Products Containing Microbeads.
  • Spread the Word.

Packaging Waste Regulations


  • End to End services for Plastic Waste EPR compliance
  • Registration on CPCB Portal
  • Achievement of EPR Targets by Collection and Recycling
  • Liaison with CPCB
  • Filing of Annual Returns

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  • Multiple Plastic Recyclers

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