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Waste Management Services (WMS) believes that every waste is A RESOURCE AT A WRONG PLACE and not that which has no use. Waste management is therefore a very crucial tangent in urban ecosystems. And we aim to turn today’s waste into sustainable resources for tomorrow.  

WMS also knows that waste management provides a greater source of energy and resources. It also creates many job opportunities and exclusive ideas for inventions and social change. Not only employment generation, waste management eventually leads to better air and water quality for the living population and reducing health risks associated with illegal dumping and flawed garbage collection.

WMS is headed by Vinay Mantri, one of the budding names in the waste recycling sector with experience of 10+ years.



WMS is a one-stop solution for all waste disposal requirements across the tangents of E-Waste, Plastic Waste, General Scrap Disposal, Used Paper, Used Battery, and Lithium-Ion Battery recycling.

WMS provides a complete range of compliance-led waste recycling services across India, through its wide network of recyclers and vendors.

WMS and its vendors fully abide by all compliances and detailed documentation in recycling and disposal processes.

In our effort to be one of the leading names in waste management services by 2025, with a strong emphasis on compliances, environmental friendliness, and services, we help organizations of all kinds and sizes recycle their waste in a safe, secure and responsible manner. We know that each organization has its own unique needs. Whether it is just one office or many, WMS offers 100% customized solutions that suit their business needs.

WMS has recycled/disposed of 4000 metric tonnes of waste in its very first year. And it certainly is a cause for celebration for us!

Clients at the center

clients at the centre

WMS helps its clients:

  • Navigate through complex environmental laws
  • Tweak production processes to decrease the environmental footprint
  • Reduce toxins
  • Use fewer materials
  • Increase propensity for repair & reuse
  • Further the lifespan of products
  • Save money on production and material costs
  • Promote sustainable product design
  • Move towards a circular economy

WMS ensures that all waste is recycled and/or sanitized as per prescribed national standards.

Clients at the center

Icon for outreach ,community

WMS also undertakes educational and outreach programs for organizations to enthuse people towards sustainable behavior. Through creating awareness on social media and seminars, information, and knowledge sharing on the importance of recycling and its options, WMS breathes RECYCLING IN ITS EVERY BREATH.

Trust WMS, we have the resources to recycle the waste in a safe and sustainable way, so that you and your family can continue to enjoy clean nature and the environment.



Assist in creating a circular system, one in which resources are not extracted, used, and wasted, but re-used in countless ways, thereby creating decent, sustainable jobs and retaining more value in the industry.


  • Strive to work for safeguarding the environment, through its work methodologies
  • Ensuring that recycling and disposal of waste is finished in an environment friendly manner
  • In its concern for environment, follow and abide by legalities and compliances in a transparent fashion
  • Make certain that our clients are our partners and can verify every step of transparent recycling process 

Business Values

  • We value our customers
  • We are committed to success with integrity 
  • We value safety
  • We value communities
  • We value our environment


Our values guide us to perform with honesty and transparency every day. Our concern for the environment and future generations keep us firm and committed to the cause of recycling. This is what makes us unique:

One Stop Solution for all Waste Management

Today waste management isn’t just about disposing of/recycling various categories of waste. It entails ensuring compliances, following rules and law, completing full documentation and various forms of CSR. WMS supports your business throughout the entire process of recycling and saves a lot of time, money, and energy for you. 

Recycling solutions for all materials

Whatever your waste-based requirements are, WMS takes care of it. From wet waste to hazardous waste, we assist you with scientific and environment-friendly disposal/recycling.

Licensed Vendors Support

Vendors across all tangents in recycling are at the core of WMS. Loaded with many years of work experience in their own domains, they have served many small and big businesses are aware of recycling needs for each such business. WMS works with such licensed vendors only.

Pan India Reverse Logistics Network

WMS has served its clients across all cities and every state in India, even though it is a new organization. Our confidence is derived from the fact that we have a robust logistic network in every part of the country. In fact, WMS strengthened the backend aspects of operations before even bringing clients to its domain.

Adherence to highest Environmental, Health and Safety standards

Our vendors work with all safety gears and measures while disposing/recycling. All waste is disposed/recycled as per prescribed standards of the government. We adhere to all rules of safety and health as we care for our people, our clients and our environment.

Compliance friendly and legit documentation

In fact, this is our forte. Our clients enjoy working with us because they are assured that our process follows all compliances strictly and has proofs of every step in its paperwork – receipts and certificates. All vendors are also trained to generate receipts and certificates for every part of the recycling process. This system is well oiled so that any discrepancies can be found, checked, and corrected.

Transparent and accurate reporting to clients

Our clients like working with us because our work mechanism is carefully laid out and executed to the last detail. Our clients benefit from the transparent nature of our transactions, as they can see and check them at any point of the process and even later.